LOGO: THE FDG Craven branch

This is the home page of 'Skipton Flytyers'.

If you are not already a member, please feel free to browse.

We are a friendly group of currently about 20 members. We meet on the 3rd Monday evening of every month. Some of our meetings are demonstrations by nationally (and sometimes internationally) recognised fly dressers. Other meetings entitled 'Tying Together' consist of joint practice sessions.

It has been suggested that we fly-tyers don't actually go fishing.
Rubbish! All our members are keen anglers.

Our meeting on Monday, October 21st 2019:

Tying together:
Mark Whitmarsh will reveal those of his flies which caught 3lb trout on the Wharfe!

Beginners welcome.

The best flies are the ones you can't buy -
you have to tie them yourself!

If you have anything - photo, fishing tale, etc, that will add to interest on this web site
(Members' page or otherwise)
Please get in touch with me.