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Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 21st 2019 Talk & demonstrate: Early spring patterns for still water and river Bernard Sunderland  
February 18th 2019 Tying Together (Beginners' evening) Phil Holding  
March 18th 2019 Tying Together Phil Holding  
April 15th 2019 Tying Together Phil Holding  
May 20th 2019 Tying Together Phil Holding  
June 17th 2019 no meeting Summer break  
July 15th 2019 no meeting Summer break  
August 19th 2019 no meeting Summer break  
September 16th 2019 AGM    
October 21st 2019 Tying Together with Mark Whitmarsh 'Flies that caught 3lb fish on the Wharfe'  
November 18th 2019 Talk & demo by Phil Holding TBA  
December 16th 2019 Auction plus pie & peas Tie a Christmas fly!  

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 15th 2018 MEETING CANCELLED TBA  
February 19th 2018 Tying Together Phil Holding  
March 19th 2018 Tying Together Phil Holding, Tying with modern materials  
April 16th 2018 Talk and demo Peter Nightingale  
May 21st 2018 Tying Together Bernard Sunderland, 'A pattern for turbulent water'  
June 18th 2018 no meeting Summer break  
July 16th 2018 no meeting Summer break  
August 20th 2018 no meeting Summer break  
September 17th 2018 AGM    
October 15th 2018 Tying Together Robin Crawshaw (Leeds Fly Dressers)  
November 19th 2018 Talk & demo Steve Cheetham
'Tying flies the paraloop way'
December 17th 2018 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation  

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
September 18th 2017 AGM    
October 16th 2017 Tying Together Mark Whitmarsh,
'Flies that caught Wharfe trout over 2lb in 2017'
November 20th 2017 Tying Together Stuart Bowdin leading,'Ways of tying hackles'  
December 18th 2017 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 18th 2016 Tying Together Phil Holding led us in tyimg several still water patterns, Sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique Sawyer Killer Bug Size 14 Hook
February 15th 2016 Tying Together Bernard Sunderland introduced some currently popular flies. Klinkhamer Special Size 12 Hook
March 21st 2016 Guest demonstrator Paul Proctor Paul showed us some of the flies he used in New Zealand which are also applicable in the UK. He made much use of the mobility of CDC. Jardine’s Buzzer Size 8-10 Hook
April 18th 2016 Tying Together Irish Mayflies with David Henderson Blae and Black (Clyde Style) Size 14 Hook
May 16th 2016 Demonstration ? Our thanks to Robin Crawshaw, who gave us an interesting demonstration of some of his favourite flies, as well as some insight into pros and cons of chalk stream conservation and fishing. Barnes Mayfly Emerger Size 12 Hook
20th June cancelled   The Duck’s Dun Size 14 Hook
July 18th 2016 Tying Together David Henderson, Hairwing, hooks and Tubes The Beadhead Larva Size 14 Hook
August 15th 2016 Demonstration Rob Denson will demonstrate 'Flies for Malham Tarn' The Cruncher Size 12 Hook
September 19th 2016 Tying Together Phil Holding will demonstrate some new materials Chocolate Biscuit Size 16 Hook
October 17th 2016 Tying Together Phil Holding leading none
November 21st 2016 AGM   none
December 19th 2016 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 19th 2015 Tying Together 'Flies to start the season' led by Bernard Sunderland Fritz Cat's Whisker
February 16th 2015 Guest: Steve Cheetham Steve entertained us with a history of the North Country Spider (perhaps brought by monks from the continent to the monasteries)and demonstrated their tying as well as some of the hackle-forward 'kebari' i.e. tenkara style patterns. Shipman's Buzzer
March 16th 2015 Tying Together Sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique, Phil Holding tested our skills with Oliver Edwards patterns. Kate McLaren
April 20th 2015 Tying Together Traditional flies, with emphasis on feather slip wings, led by Bernard Sunderland Marabou Damsel Nymph
May 18th 2015 Tying Together sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique Tonight's topic was 'Tying with new materials', led by Phil Holding. Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
June 15th 2015 Outdoor Our June meeting was by the River Aire at Gargrave, the topic being a demonstation of fishing techniques - Stuart showing 'Klink and dink', Bernard wielding a tenkara rod and 'leader to hand' (French leader) from Mark.
Our experts spent a considerable time after the demo casting to a number of constantly rising fish and succeeded in hooking not a single one.
Greenwell's Glory
July 20th 2015 Informal meeting TBA. Wulff Mayfly
August 17th 2015 Tying Together Deerhair patterns, led by Phil Holding, Sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique Olive Cruncher
September 21st 2015 AGM   Griffith's Gant
October 19th 2015 Tying Together sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique River Nymphs on Jig hooks led by Phil Holding Claret Muddler
November 16th 2015 Demonstration At our November 16th meeting, Mark Whitmarsh demonstrated his favourite river flies which included weighted nymphs and small dries with CDC hackless. Invicta
December 21st 2015 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 20th 2014 Tying Together 'Deer hair' led by Phil Holding and generously sponsored by The Fly Tying Boutique.
Phil demonstrated the Deer Hair emerger and other deer hair patterns.
Pearl thorax Pheasant Tail Nymph
(Hand in with Feb fly).
February 17th 2014 Tying Together 'Dry flies'led by Bernard Sunderland.Bernard showed some patterns which depart slightly from the usual norm, all of which he had found successful during the last season. Elk Hair Caddis
March 17th 2014 Guest: Stuart Crofts Stuart gave us a beautifully illustrated tour throught the angler's year with respect to the insect life in their seasons. His expertise and enthusiasm combined to ensure that our interest was held throughout the evening. Paradun
April 21st 2014 Tying Together 'Buzzers' led by Phil Holding and sponsored as generously as ever by The Fly Tying Boutique Hawthorn Fly*
May 19th 2014 Guest Our thanks to Jerry Lee for demonstrating a range of stillwater patterns Buzzer
June 16th 2014 Outdoor Barden 7pm Our thanks to Jim Curry (AAPGAI Master instructor)for for the expert coaching in casting that he gave us at our June meeting at Barden. TBA
July 21st 2014 Informal meeting experienced members to set up separate tables. Individual requests. TBA
August 18th 2014 Tying Together 'Fry patterns' led by Stuart Bowdin TBA
September 15th 2014 AGM   Daddy Long-legs*
October 20th 2014 Tying Together 'Micro patterns' led by Phil Holding and sponsored by The Fly Tying Boutique. TBA
November 17th 2014 Guest Peter Nightingale introduced us to a wide range of currently successful hairwing salmon flies. Peter's anecdotes added spice to the demonstration. none
December 15th 2014 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month
January 21st 2013 Tying Together Cancelled due to snow Feather Fibre Buzzer
February 18th 2013 Tying Together Subject 'Shellback patterns'led by Stuart Bowdin.
Stuart put together an interesting programme for us
March 18th 2013 Guest, Paul Little. Paul gave us yet another demonstration of some interesting patterns and his great material-handling skill. Goldhead Bug
April 15th 20132 Tying Together Marabou lures, led by Phil Holding Teal, Blue & Silver
May 20th 2013 Tying Together Mayflies, led by Stuart Bowdin Muddler
June 17th 2013 Informal Experienced members to set up separate tables and demo as requested. >Marabou Damsel
July 15th 2013 Casting practice Thanks to Mark Whitehead, the River Keeper at Bolton Abbey and AAPGAI advanced instructor on the single handed rod. In spite of a poor turnout, all present benefitted greatly from Mark's tuition. A considerable improvement in technique was generally quite apparent. Partridge & Orange Spider
August 19th 2013 Guest Thanks to Steve Cheeetham and Phillip Sheridan, who gave us a full description of tenkara tackle and methods,including a casting trial and followed by a demo of the tying of some of the very individual tenkara flies, with an explanation of the hundreds-of-years-old practice and tradition. Golden Olive Bumble
September 16th 2013 AGM   Golden Shrimp
October 21st 2013 Tying Together Knotted legs, led by Bernard Sunderland Light Cahill
November 18th 2013 Tying Together 'Variations on the Pheasant Tail Nymph, led by Phil Holding and sponsored by The Fly Tying Boutique. none
December 16th 2013 Auction. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none


Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the night
January 16th 2012 Tying Together
Sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique
Subject 'Dubbing re-visited'. Phil Holding led us through a range of materials and techniques for wet and dry flies. Griffith's Gnat
February 20th 2012 Tying Together 'Wings' led by Bernard Sunderland.
The program included feather slip down-wings, wonderwing and Klinkhamer.
Snipe & Purple Spider
March 19th 2012 Guest At our recent meeting we had a demonstration by Steve Cooper of Cookshill Fly Tying Materials.
Steve showed us how he prepares skins and gave us some practice in the identification of a wide range of feathers for established patterns.
Klinkhammer Special
April 16th 2012 Tying Together Hairwings and still-water lures, led by David Henderson Greenwell Spider
May 21st 2012 Guest Jeremy Lucas gave us an interesting and detailed explanation of his 'tactical leader' method of fly fishing using a composite monofil line which allows long casts with greatly increased control of the fly.
He also demonstrated his choice of flies - which we may be assured are good catchers..
Baetis Nymph
June 18 2012 Informal meeting Fishy stories exchanged, some vices in use. Grey Wulff
July 16th 2012 Tying Together Our thanks to Phil for coaching us in the relatively modern methods of using foam for its buoyancy. Clan Chief
August 20th 2012 Outdoor Our thanks to Mark Whitehead for again giving us insight to fish and insect activity in the Wharfe at this summer's outdoor meeting. Feather Fibre Buzzer
September 17th 2012 AGM   Blue Zulu
October 15th 2012 Guest demonstrator Our thanks to Paul Proctor for an interesting demonstration of beadhead nymphs and dry flies for grayling Deer Hair Emerger
November 19th 2012 Tying Together led by Phil Holding North Country Spiders, sponsored by Fly Tying Boutique none
December 17th 2012 Auction. Auctioneer will be Steve Bielby of Wharfedale Angling Classics. plus pie & peas and trophy presentation none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the night
January 17th 2011 Demonstrator Our thanks to Tom Gott who showed us a number of patterns, both wet and dry, which he has picked up on his travels with the fly fishing youth team. All the patterns were new to us and being competition flies, are proven to be good catchers. Treacle Parkin (14 down-eye wet)
February 21st 2011 Tying together: buzzers

Event sponsor The Fly Tying Boutique
Led by Phil Holding,
Phil gave instruction in the anatomy of a grub hook buzzer, with different styles of body, rib, thorax and cheeks.
Czech Nymph (10 heavy nymph)
March 21st 2011 Joint demo by our own members Bernard, Phil and Stuart took turns to demonstrate flies ranging from dries and wets for the river to still water lures, all good preparation for the new season.

March Brown (12 down-eye wet)
April 18th 2011 Tying together: Mayflies
Sponsored by wharfedaleanglingonline.co.uk
Stuart Bowdin led this Tying Together session.

He introduced new materials. pre-formed wings and detached bodies supplied by the evenings sponsor
CDC Emerger (16 down-eye fine wire)
May 16th 2011 Demonstrator John Tyzack gave us a very entertaining and thought provoking presentation entitled “the seven deadly sins of fishing” – the does and dont’s to keep in mind whenever we go fishing, whether on a river or a stillwater.
John then tied some of his most productive patterns for river fishing – both a selection of dry and wet patterns. Simple, easy to tie patterns but very effective.
Diawl Bach (12 wet)
June 20th 2011 Open night. The whole evening's activity being conversation.   Polywing Midge (20 dry)
July 18th 2011 Outdoor / River walk Mark Whitehead, Bolton Abbey river keeper, again gave us an interesting evening starting with a kick sample from the river, which was carrying a flush of peaty water, followed by a discussion of stocking programmes and the reactions of trout to varying conditions. He then proved his prowess by catching a good wild brown trout immediately on cast ing a dry fly at close range. His advice on casting basics was well taken. F Fly (16 dry)
August 15th 2011 Tying together: nymphs Phil Holding led this session, demonstrating materials and methods for Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail and Damsel nymphs.
Event sponsor: The Flytying Boutique
Viva (8 long shank)
September 19th 2011 AGM   Soldier Palmer (12 wet)
October 17th 2011 Demonstrator Our thanks to Chris Watson who gave us an interesting demonstration on 17th October.
Chris has tied on the clinic desk at the British Fly Fair for the last 10 years and toured the USA demoing at tying events.
The theme for the evening was “micro patterns” – as Chris says, “you cannot make a diamond from a brick”. It was an useful evening with pointers to the more effective detail of flies to catch fish.
Montana Nymph (10 long shank)
November 21st 2011 Tying together Welcome to the several new members who attended this meeting, making it a record turnout.
This was a Tying Together session led by Bernard, the topic being 'Grayling flies'<
December 19th 2011 Auction Our December auction went as well as always with Steve Bielby coaxing purses to open. Hopefully, everyone profited in the end.

Pie and peas were generously sponsored again by Wharfedale Angling Classics.

Trophies were awarded for the Fly of the Month competition

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the night
January 18th 2010 Flies as tied for the book 'Swarbrick's list of Wharfedale flies'. Stuart demonstrated 10 of the flies for us, illustrating not only his expertise but also the wide variety of materials which he had gone to great lengths to obtain in order to conform to the original patterns. Stuart Bowdin Blae & Black
February 15th 2010 Our first 'Tying Together' session (topic 'Deer Hair')was a great success with plenty of vices in use, some of them newcomers. Even for those with experience there are always new tricks to learn. Phil Holding
Event sponsor The Fly Tying Boutique
Kite's Imperial
March 15th 2010 Just returned from Patagonia, Paul showed us a few of the patterns he had used to catch a few 2-figure sea trout. (Photos to prove it!). He also dressed some familiar trout flies in his usual immaculate style. Paul Little Muddler Minnow
April 19th 2010 Hackles were flying during our second 'Tying Together' session Bernard Sunderland; Cove's Pheasant Tail Nymph
May 17th 2010 Mike regaled us with a choice selection of anecdotes, during which he also, without pause, demonstrated his method for a considerable number of spider patterns most of which were new to us. Very neatly tied, too. Mike Harding Morning Glory
June 21st 2010 At this Tying Together evening, Stuart instructed us in the art of tying feather slip wings with regard to methods and materials. No excuses now for those present! Stuart Bowdin Partridge & Orange Spider
July 19th 2010 Mark gave us a demo of the kick-sampling method of assessing river insect life, as specified by the Riverfly Partnership (see links page, also pics soon to be posted in the gallery). He followed this with a casting demo, explaining the logic of correct technique. Mostof us found this very interesintg and look forward to improving our casting. Mark Whitehead, Bolton Abbey river keeper Royal Coachman
August 16th 2010 Steve led this Tying Together session, the topic being 'dubbing'.
He demonstrated the virtues of some of the synthetic and natural materials.
Steve Bielby

Event sponsor:
Wharfedale Angling Classics
Prince Nymph
September 20th 2010 Attendance at our AGM on September 20th was rather sparse but positive decisions were made...
Fly of the Month will be continues with some modification, likewise the Tying Together meetings.

It was decided not to auction Stuart's set of Swarbrick flies until the December meeting, where a better turnout is expected. (Pie & peas as an attractor)
October 18th 2010 Charles gave us an instructive and entertaining evening, tying a number of buzzer/nymph types nominally for still water but also useful on the river. Charles Jardine Silver Doctor
November 15th 2010 Tying together: Phil provided plumes and hooks and led us in tying F-Fly, a CDC emerger, a CDC spider and Roncallo's delicate 1-feather fly. Phil Holding
Event sponsor The Fly Tying Boutique
December 20th 2010 Auction Pie & peas sponsored by Wharfedale Angling Classics none

Date Event Demonstrator Fly of the month Fly of the night
January 2009     Adams ..none..
February 2009     Terry's Terror  
March 2009     Clouser Minnow var.  
April 20 2009 Steve gave us an interesting demonstration of the preparation of partridge skins and an informative talk illustrated by his collection of common and exotic feathers.
Of particular interest was his display of the variation in the feathers that we thought were familiar to us. Also his revelation that the springtime breeding plumage of some birds is due to the feathers wearing away and revealing their inner portions - not due to moulting as one might have unthinkingly surmised.
Steve Cooper
(Cookshill Flytying)
..none.. King of the Waters
May 18 2009 Fur & feather Phil Holding Winter Brown AND buzzer The Reverend Mother
June 15 2009 Roy gave us an extremely interesting evening, demonstrating his range (and its history) of USD and tippet-sinking patterns, and the associated techniques which he has developed to a fine degree. Thanks also for his generous donation of flies to our group. Roy Christie from N Ireland ..none.. Mini Matuka
July 2009 We were lucky to have a fine evening for our recent meeting by the Wharfe at Barden. The river was in fine fettle after a recent long-awaited spate, though we were not there to fish. Our thanks to Mark for sharing his valuable experience particularly with regard to the relation between weather, fly hatches and fish activity. Also to Adam for giving us a tour of the trout farm and some insight into the delicate balance of conditions needed for the raising of quality trout with emphasis on trying to restore genetic integrity. Mark Whitehead, Bolton Abbey river keeper
and Adam Westcott, fish farm manager
..none.. CDC split wing dun
August 2009 We had a talk by Bernard Sunderland, with the aid of an ultraviolet lamp, on the subject of fluorescent materials and an illustration of their lack of colour in the absence of UV light, which is likely to occur in peat stained water. Stewart Bowdin offers his apologies for being unable to demonstrate this evening. ..none.. Dawson's Olive
September AGM   ..none.. ..none..
October 2009 Cooking demo Liam Bradbury
Le Caveau Restaurant
CDC and Elk
If time available
Funnel Dun
November 2009 Fur & feather Phil Holding Cased Caddis Dunkeld
December 2009 Auction   ..none.. Christmas fly

The calendar events are subject to change.