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Tying Together

'A range of Mayfly patterns'
April 2018

Phil Holding led us in tying a 'structured set' of mayflies -
loop wing emerger, drowned surface fly, dry

'Flies that caught Wharfe trout over 2lb in 2017'
October 2017

Mark Whitmarsh showed us how to tie these flies which he had found successful
All Purpose Emerger, Renato's Olive, Winged Gnat

Still water patterns, January 2015

Phil Holding led this session which was generously sponsored by www.flytyingboutique.com
We tied the following patterns - Diawl Bach (red holo version), Cruncher, Humungus.

Mayfly patterns, May 2013

Stuart led us in tying these two, then invited us to practice a few more
These are stuart's own tyings

Shellback patterns, February 2013

Stuart Bowdin put together an interesting programme for us
Czech nymph
PT nymph (copper tinsel back)

Tying with foam, July 2012

Phil Holding led us in applying some foam techniques:

Beetle (peacock underbody, legs from the tips of the peacock)
Basic ant, legs of your choice to be added if required.
Body constructed on a needle - and rmoved from the needle

And here are some more examples of foam applied as we were shown:

Snail, Hawthorn, Daddy, Mohican Mayfly

Mayflies, April 2011

Stuart Bowdin showed us how to tie the following

Stuart's selection of styles shown.

1st: Mayfly nymph
2nd: Dry mayfly using detached body and pre-formed wings.

Photos of this group session in 'Gallery'

Buzzers, March 2011

The first is one of Phil's demo flies
The rest are a member's production, photos by Allan Brown